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Did every locomotive get photographed?

  • No, usually only one from each order was photographed, but the collection does not contain each order.

Does your catalog tell me what views of a locomotive are available?

  • No, it indicates that at least one image is available.

How can I find out what views are available?

  • Contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible. Most views are right broadside but sometimes left, 3/4, front, rear, backhead and detail views are available.

What is the quality of your prints?

  • That depends on the quality of the negative. Most negatives are good quality, but some negatives have deteriorated. We have a commercial photolab custom print each image. They produce excellent prints and often produce good prints from deteriorated negatives.

What is your turn-around time?

  • We strive for a two-week turn-around.
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