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NOTICE: Some negatives listed in the catalog are nitrate film and will no longer give acceptable prints. Other negatives listed in the catalog are not in the collection at this time. This includes most color transparencies and negatives of Schenectady Works numbered S3365 and higher. Write for particulars.

CATALOG: A Xerographic copy of the Third Edition, ALCO Historic Photos Catalog is available for $7.50 postpaid in the US, $8.50 US for Canada and $9.50 US for overseas.

PRINTS: $20.00 for each 8x10 print (paper size). Negatives 4x5 size will be enlarged to 8x10. Many older negatives (pre-1925) are odd-sized, between 4x5 and 8x10, or have smaller images on an 8x10 negative. Contact prints will be made of these negatives on 8x10 paper. PRINTS MADE FROM GLASS PLATE NEGATIVES HAVE A $1.00 SURCHARGE FOR THE CITY OF SCHENECTADY OWNER OF THESE NEGATIVES.

ERECTING CARDS: The catalog has a section devoted to negatives of large locomotive assembly drawings (erecting cards), consisting of two images, an elevation and several cross sections. Each image is about 3x8 combined on one 8x10 negative. A contact print at $20.00 requires a good magnifying glass to read dimensions and to see details.

PHOTOPASTERS: Xerographic copies are available at $.40 each. These contain a photo and limited specifications.

FORM 1007: Xerographic copies are available at $3.00 each. These Engineering Specifications include both sides of an 11x17 approx. sheet. Shipped folded unless mailing tube is ordered (see below).

PAINTING DIAGRAMS: Xerographic copies available at $6.00 each. These have an elevation and front and rear depictions at a scale of ¼ or ½ inch to the foot. A SEPARATE PAINTING DIAGRAM CATALOG IS AVAILABLE AT $2.50 POSTPAID IN THE US, $3.00 US FOR CANADA AND FOREIGN. The copies require a mailing tube (see below) unless folding is acceptable.

LARGE ERECTING DRAWINGS: A SEPARATE CATALOG IS AVAILABLE FOR $2.50 US, $3.00 FOR CANADA AND FOREIGN. Most are from Cooke Works circa 1875-1912, some are from Rhode Island and Manchester. These are at a scale of 1-1/2 in. to the foot and are approximately 3x8 feet in size.

MAILING TUBES: Painting diagrams, Form 1007’s, oversize prints, etc. require mailing tubes. A surcharge of $4 covers both the tube and the additional postage.

POSTAGE AND HANDLING: 5% of order with a $4.00 minimum. Prints, erecting cards, painting diagrams, etc. shipped first class mail.

FOREIGN SURCHARGE: $3.00 for Canada, $4 overseas, for the additional postage and packing. Foreign orders to be paid in postal money order or equivalent, in US dollars to avoid high conversion costs by AHP.

NEW YORK SALES TAX: New York residents please add appropriate sales tax.

RESEARCH: For extensive work, the AHP charge is $20 per hour, based on agreement with customer prior to research work.

Notice of Copyright: All items are subject to copyright restriction (Title 17, US Code). Fulfillment of an order transfers neither copyright nor property right, nor does it constitute permission to publish or to otherwise utilize items in excess of “fair use” as defined by US Copyright Law. If you need to publish one of ALCO Historic Photos drawings or images, you must first contact ALCO Historic Photos for a release prior to publishing same. 06/01/13

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