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ALCO Historic Photos
PO Box 655
Schenectady, NY


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ALCO Historic Photos (AHP) is a collection of almost 30,000 photographic negatives and nearly 10,000 drawings and documents relating to the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) and its sucessor, Alco Products. Included in those numbers are images and paper from the companies that merged to form the American Locomotive Company in 1901. The collection is housed in Schenectady, NY's City Hall.

The majority of the photographic negatives are "builders photographs" of locomotives built by ALCO and its predecessor companies. Also available are negatives of erecting drawings (elevation and sections), rotary snowplows, and ALCO automobiles, trucks and race cars.

Micellaneous negatives include construction and demolition of various plant buildings, activities of workers during the erection of locomotives, and employee activites such as War Bond drives, blood donation drives, and apprentice class pictures. Also included are ALCO's wartime building of tanks and gun carriages.

The collection represents over 100 years of locomotive building from 1865 to 1969. It is also a history of photography from large format glass plates through nitrate and safety film.


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